Independent learning to play the classical guitar



I can not afford a teacher, so I learn to play from tablature or I invent my own exercises on different scales. I have a lot of enthusiasm, but I do not know what to practice. What should I do to keep this enthusiasm from wasting my time until I start earning my teacher’s lessons myself? How much can you learn yourself?

We have already discussed similar topics on the forum about ukulele, so at the beginning I recommend you to follow archived letters’ answers. It is not true that you do not have a teacher. First of all, you have us – we’ll be adding tips every month. Second, you have yourself, and this is very important information that you should understand. You are your own best teacher for yourself. Nowadays, with all the media (press, movies, Internet) you can do well without a professional teacher. Just put a little effort into thinking about, planning and finally – doing your own work.

At the beginning, I instructed you to study the archival issues of this column, because you will find there tips on how to get it all. Follow and imitate other guitarists, modify their ideas to better suit your “I”. Experiment with colors, sounds, hand settings, equipment, etc. Read guitar magazines and websites dedicated to the guitar. Listen to as much music as possible in different styles. Come to concerts and look at the pros. Remember what you like and what you do not like, and try to understand why. The teacher is useful, but it is not necessary, so do not overestimate his role. I really think that with a little bit of self-denial you will get very far. Maybe even more than you expect.

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