It is not easy to choose strings that will meet all our expectations. We present a list of strings that are most often used by professionals.

The best strings for a classical guitar

In the Guitar Strings category, EVONOX products have recently enjoyed the best reputation (share 58.3%). The following places went to Savarez (16.7%) and Addario (8.3%). The average price of the most popular 20 products is $ 22
Manufacturers RankingAddarioElixirErnie BallFenderMarrisStaggSavarez8.3% 16.7%
The best rated product are EVONOX silverflex 800N and 800H strings. Evonox strings are quite expensive. A set for classical guitar standards. string and costs an average of $ 50. If our budget is significant, we pay the least for Ernie Ball 1012 a single string costs $ 3 (10th place in the popularity ranking).However, in the largest number of stores (3) is offered DAddario EJ45 Pro-Arte – for classical guitar standards. string for about $ 15.

Special features

When buying guitar strings, pay attention to the following product features:

Type – Specifies the purpose of the strings.
Thickness – The thickness of the strings affects the sound of the guitar as well as the comfort of the game.


TOP 5 comparison

Evonox silverflex – 50$
evonox strings

Savarez Corum Alliance – 18$
Savarez classical guitar ranking

Addario Pro Arte EJ45
addario pro arte classical

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