Arrius MPR-100S, 100c, 100 CE, 100 SE

When I was preparing for the next test of the guitar from the Arrius company, I did not think that something could surprise me in the novelty matter of classical guitars. You often ask about lattice models and ask for arguments for and against. That’s why I decided to briefly describe the tested model.

It turned out that Arrius MPR-100 has some interesting elements to write about. The first element that at first glance distinguishes this guitar from typical instruments is the unusual round-shaped cuteway. The use of this patent is intended to allow a compromise between the convenience of the game and the maximum capacity of such a guitar. I must admit that it fulfills its task and the guitar is no different in this matter from the normal classic concert guitar. Another interesting step is the use of Armrest plastic, which has a very limited sound conduction – you hear so well. This solution is designed to minimize the loss of sound that occurs when you accidentally touch the top of the guitar.

I think that the new model will appeal to all demanding musicians. The guitar has appeared in several versions – it is available with spruce, cedar and electroclassical version with two types of outputs.

The only disadvantage is a slightly heavier weight, but it compensates for that much higher volume and reliability due to better internal construction. The price for now is about 4 thousand dollars.

2 Thoughts on “Arrius MPR-100 – quick guitar test”

  • A guitar worth the money. Armrest works great and thanks to that I can get the absolute maximum out of it. A slightly heavier weight is not a slight drawback, but a plus. Thanks to it, the instrument is stable and does not move so much when playing. I am very happy with this guitar.

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