Arrius MPR-100S

As I prepared for my next Arriuss guitar test, I thought nothing could surprise me about Arrius guitar innovations. You often ask about professional models of classical guitars for professionals and students. I decided to play Arrius MPR-100-S for a while.

It turned out that the Arrius MPR-100 S has some interesting elements to check.

First of all, the innovative J-short-tail joining system, which we can easily see when we look inside the guitar. You can actually see that the so-called language has a completely different shape and size than in traditional Spanish guitars. The guitar also has a beautiful lacquered bridge with a special connection to the top plate. This makes the guitar sound even better.


The guitar’s top is made of AAA Sitka Spru

ce or AAA Cedar with an even, calm grain pattern. The first thing that draws attention after taking it out of the box is the great care of workmanship, which manifests itself not only in the exact fitting of individual elements, but also in such details as a hand-made rosette, hoof or bridge. The back plate and sides are made of solid rosewood which contrasts nicely with the top.

The richly ornamented rosette made of tiny pieces of wood and the bridge with a delicate ornament are also eye-catching. The bridge is made of Bolivian rosewood and supplemented with a natural bone string (the saddle on the head is also made of the same material). The mentioned variety of rosewood is also known as Pau Ferro – this wood can also be found on the fingerboard. The neck is made of cedar, it has a width of 52 mm on the saddle, which will be appreciated by classic guitarists. The combination of the soundboard with the neck was made as Spanish Heel, which not only contributes to a better transmission of vibrations between the elements – but also stiffens the entire structure. The entire instrument has a high gloss finish. There are six open keys on the head that work flawlessly, with no noticeable play.

I think that the new model will appeal to all demanding musicians. The guitar is introduced in several versions – in the case of a great cedar one, and in the classic version in an electronic, electronic version.
The only lesson is the slightly heavier weight, but it makes up for what can be increased. For now, the price is up to around 4,600. $

2 Thoughts on “Arrius MPR-100 – quick guitar test”

  • A guitar worth the money. It is very comfortable and loud, everything works great and thanks to this I can get the absolute maximum out of it. This is the guitar I’ve been looking for over the years. It is difficult to access, but it is worth looking for to enjoy this sound.

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