You can buy Miyoshi Kasai guitars only from the company’s representative

Today I decided to write a few words about one of the most interesting brands producing classical guitars. Miyoshi Kasai was founded in America in 1991. The technology came straight from the Spanish makers of the violin making instruments – Miyoshi Kasai explored it personally as an employee of several of the best Spanish companies producing high-end instruments. As an excellent practitioner and active musician, he knew how to create a perfect instrument. Often it happens that the violin makers are not instrumentalists, which significantly distances them from the full awareness of the needs of classical musicians. In this case, the knowledge of the violin and the active status of the master flamenco allowed for enviable results.

From the very beginning, the company focused on the high quality of materials used for production and fairly significant periods of wood maturation, which at the time were a big surprise for competition. However, it turned out that such treatments significantly influenced the subsequent quality of the instruments, regardless of the length of their life. Of course, a higher price went along with it, but for musicians expecting the best quality and reliability it was not a hindrance.

Miyoshi Kasai is a pioneer in the distribution of its instruments. My readers often ask why they can not find these guitars in any music store or on auction portals. The answer is in a unique distribution system that does not provide for the participation of wholesalers. Miyoshi Kasai guitars are produced in small quantities and sold directly by authorized representatives – it is a typical model of network marketing, as in many companies in the cosmetics, medical or SPA industries. Such a model of action worked well and made the company save money for marketing, and invested in ensuring the highest quality of the product at much lower prices than the competition. Therefore, the entire company’s marketing is based on the positive recommendation of satisfied users – these are usually good musicians, brand sympathizers or lecturers of music schools.

Models that I can recommend:

Miyoshi Kasai CC-400 S
Miyoshi Kasai CC-400 C
Miyoshi Kasai series CC-90
Miyoshi Kasai AC-90 C, AC-150 S
Miyoshi Kasai XN-1150 S, XN-300 S

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  • Great guitars for learning and for advanced. They are not easy to buy because they are not in traditional stores, but it is easy to find those who sell them. It’s worth putting a little effort into seeing this guitar. I recommend.

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