A concert ukulele with a unique design – the Federmeier UK-300 – came under the microscope. What makes this instrument noteworthy? How does the UK-300 give us more sonic possibilities than a typical ukulele? Feel free to test! If you’ve ever wondered if an ordinary ukulele can be made into something more interesting than the typical “Hawaiian sound” of this instrument, here’s the answer – yes, it is possible.

Beautiful performance of the UK-300

Beautiful, conservative design and functionality that you will not find in a classic ukulele are the features that perfectly describe the UK-300 model. The Federmeier company sent me a concert-size four-string ukulele, and to be honest, when I unpacked the package, it contained two identical peacock models, which made me discover an interesting discovery, but more on that later in the test. It is an acoustic instrument, with no electronics, and the sound of this little beauty is as lovely as it looks. If you like ukulele and you lack new inspiration, this model should definitely convince you. On the other hand, if you do not like ukulele, I think that the solutions used by Federmeier in this model should make you suddenly love these instruments.

About appearance and wood … The Federmeier UK-300 ukulele looks really nice. The top, back and sides are made of solid mahogany – wood that boosts the low and middle tones, which is what is usually missing from a ukulele sound. Mahogany was also used for the neck. The fingerboard and bridge are rosewood. As I mentioned before, the size of the instrument is classified as concert. In its design, it has three more cool solutions. Convex back for improved sound, contoured bridge and great string mounting for better tuning.

The back of the body is convex, which gives more space in the box to resonate the sound.4 tuners are one of the best designs – closed oil. At the other end we have a belt clip

The solutions used and the finish of the instrument are at a high level. This is the third instrument from Federmeier that I had the pleasure to test, and in each of these cases the instruments were thoughtful, original and beautiful.

Basically it’s for everyone. In this assessment, of course, one has to take into account the fact that it is an acoustic instrument that does not have built-in electronics for transmitting sound through a cable. The instrument sounds very interesting and deep.

The perfect tuning machines and the way you attach the strings make it the best tuning ukulele I have come across.

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