Producer: Gianna Safirova Guitars

Gianna Safirova is a student of the best violin making workshops in Europe and Australia. It produces some of the most expensive and unique classical guitars. Gianna Safirov’s guitars can only be purchased from the manufacturer – they do not cooperate with distributors, so as not to expose the instruments to poor storage conditions.

As a company with over 20 years of tradition, Gianna Safirova decided to perpetuate the flagship symbols of Spain. The Spanish guitar and Spanish wine are icons known all over the world for their high quality, precision of production, careful workmanship and … bringing joy and pleasure!

Gianna Safirova classical guitars

Therefore, in 2010, Gianna Safirova introduced a limited edition, consisting of three unique models: Adèle, Florence, Madeleine, all based on the design of the best masters and their own improvements that give a unique sound on a global scale.

While the Florence line is produced with the highest class professionals in mind (limited edition of only 10 pieces!), The Adele line is designed to meet the expectations of the most ambitious classical guitar musicians. Like the higher model in the Series, this instrument comes from a limited edition scheduled for only three years.

Specification of the Gianna Safirova Adele model:

Scale: 650 mm
Top: Cedar with a spruce top option
Sides: Rosewood
Back: Rosewood
Fingerboard: Ebony
Griffin: Cedar
Gilded keys
Saddle width: 52 mm
Finish: high gloss
Mosaic around the soundhole

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